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With the BassMe Wearable Subwoofer, listening to music will no longer be just an auditory experience. This device ensures you actually feel the bass in the sound you’re hearing. So if you’re trying to get that home cardio workout in, this subwoofer will get your heart rate up. Or, if you’re an avid gamer, you’ll find that this wearable device brings you into your gaming world. Additionally, the BassMe can immerse you in movies. Just imagine watching Jurassic Park and feeling the dreaded thuds of the T. rex right behind you. Plus, this Bluetooth subwoofer is better for your hearing because you won’t want to turn the volume up as high. Simply connect it to any type of headphones via Bluetooth. Then, whether you want to use this wearable for music, games, or movies, it’ll immerse you.

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It gives a whole new meaning to feeling your music.

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