KEKO Stand Ergonomic Mobile Phone & Tablet Holders

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Designed to improve your experience with technology, the KEKO Stand ergonomic device holders help your body stay healthy. Available in two models—KekoPhone and KekoTablet—they can hold your tablet or smartphone in four different ergonomic positions, preventing text neck. When you open them up, they rotate 180º to offer two ergonomic angles and four positions for reading or writing mode. Made of ultra-resistant polycarbonate, these low-tech stands guarantee a sustainable, ageless technology with an eco-responsible product design. Furthermore, the ends have an elastomer molding that ensures high stability and protects your device from scratches. A mechanism keeps it open, and hidden magnets keep it closed. Universal for all brands, these ergonomic device holders also work with all protective cases. Overall, stable, lightweight, foldable, and compact, they pass all the security checks in airports.

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They offer scratch protection and nonslip rubber feet.

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