Bency Sense Universal Smartphone Car Charger

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Smarten up the way you recharge with the Bency Sense Universal Smartphone Car Charger. Totally reinventing the charging process, this device gives you all the convenience you could need. The Bency Sense plugs directly into your car’s 12V port. The sleek shape and hinge allow it to work in any vehicle. In addition, it comes with two 70cm retractable and magnetic cables. Simply place the connector into your smartphone and bring the Bency Sense cable close. The strong magnetic pull instantly and securely snaps the cable into place and initiates the charge which is 50% faster than others. Just as easily, you can remove your device with just one hand and never fuss over cables. Because the cable retracts, you’ll also never experience tangled cables again. For both iOS and Android devices, the Bency Sense comes with your choice of a USB-C, Lightning, or Micro USB connector.

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I love that this smart functionality extends to two different cables.

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