Phone Toaster Multipurpose Smartphone Sanitizer

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Your phone is, well, pretty dirty. But it won’t be anymore with the Phone Toaster Multipurpose Smartphone Sanitizer. In fact, this device has five UV-C LEDs that work in just five minutes to fully clean your phone. What’s more, this fun-looking gadget acts as a five-in-one phone sanitizer. In addition to a phone cleaner, it’s also a wireless charger, an external charging port, a Bluetooth speaker, and an alarm clock. The wireless charger works with all Qi-enabled devices, delivering 15 watts of power, and the USB-A external fast-charging port delivers 18 watts. Furthermore, the Bluetooth speaker has eight watts of power, and the analog alarm clock gives it a retro look. This stylish design makes this multipurpose smartphone sanitizer great for any home or office space. Because it sanitizes your phone while simultaneously charging, it’ll be super useful on your nightstand.

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This is the cutest way to clean your phone.

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