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Use the Retio retro radio speaker to cherish memories through time and music. Capturing a classic aesthetic, this is a radio, Bluetooth speaker, and clock. Handmade in the USA, it uses rare vintage nixie tubes from the 1960s–1980s. Its 6,800 mAh battery supports six hours of playback to accompany you while you relax, study, or work. And it’s also lightweight, making it highly portable to take to a friend’s house or move around your home. Moreover, make use of the radio mode to discover new music and capture nostalgic feelings. Alternatively, connect to your chosen device via Bluetooth to experience a powerful delivery of your favorite songs. Furthermore, this retro radio speaker functions as a clock in rest mode, and you can even set an alarm to awaken to melodious sounds. Finally, the six backlight colors echo the different moods of the night, creating a wonderful ambiance in the room.

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It’s a useful gadget that adds a true touch of class.

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