Hurdle Hanger One Second Pants Hanger

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Organize your clothes in no time with the Hurdle Hanger One Second Pants Hanger. This clothes organizing solution gets rid of the common problems of pants maintenance including creases, crumples and clip marks. Additionally, you don’t even have to take items out of your pockets when using the Hurdle Hanger. The One Second Pants Hanger works with all types of wardrobes whether they are low or tall. You can also use the hanger to organize clothes according to the condition and material. Weighing just 0.16 pounds, the lightweight hanger weighs much less than traditional wooden handles. Thanks to the non-slip design, your clothes won’t slip and fall from the hanger. Made from high-quality A.B.S, Hurdle Hanger is highly resistant to deformation and breakage. Finally, Hurdle Hanger saves plenty of vertical and horizontal space as well so you can fit more into your wardrobe.

Discovered by Ashley

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This unique system resolves the minor (yet annoying) issues with hanging pants.

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