Pacum Powerful Handheld Vacuum

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Quickly compress travel items and double your capacity with the Pacum Powerful Handheld Vacuum. This multifunctional device compresses your gear four times faster than other handheld compressors on the market. In fact, Pacum can compress a vacuum bag full of clothes in just over a minute. Approximately half the size of an iPhone X, Pacum is easy to bring wherever you go. Additionally, Pacum works automatically and comes with two pump modes including Eco-Mode and Supermode. Likewise, the panel lights clearly indicate the function setting. Aside from taking air out, the powerful handheld vacuum can also pump air, making it handy for blowing up inflatables and more. Furthermore, each device includes a Padaptor, which makes any existing vacuum bag compatible with Pacum. To use Pacum, simply plug it into a portable power bank or wall charger using a USB-C connection.

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This device upgrades the capacity of any bag.

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