NEMO Portable Dive System by BLU3

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Explore more of the ocean with the NEMO Portable Dive System by BLU3. This device allows you to go beyond the surface and spend more time underwater. Featuring a compact and lightweight design, NEMO is an accessible dive system that offers support to ten feet. When using NEMO in a pool, simply use the built-in floatation foam. Similarly, use the high visibility floatation tube and dive flag in open water to stay safe at all times. Featuring a patent-pending Smart Reg™, NEMO preserves battery life by monitoring your breathing patterns. Likewise, it lets the compressor know precisely when to send air, allowing NEMO to breathe with you. Furthermore, NEMO has a rechargeable and swappable battery as well as a low-battery alarm. Weighing just ten pounds, NEMO is the ideal travel companion for your vacation. Plus, the dive system easily fits into your bag and is even air travel capable.

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