SmartSlydr Sliding Door & Window Automation Gadget



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Add even more smarts to your home with the SmartSlydr sliding door & window automation gadget. This motorized robotic system works with existing sliding doors and windows to make them intelligent in minutes! You don’t need any special tools to install it and can easily do it yourself in no time. Use the smartphone app, button, or a voice assistant to easily open or close your doors or windows. In fact, the SmartSlydr works with Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Furthermore, this gadget keeps your doors and windows locked, and you can set timers to open and close them automatically. Moreover, you can use PetPass to let your pet go in and out on their own. You can adjust it through the app, determining when the door will open for your furry friend and how long it will remain open. For overall convenience, this gadget is great for any home.

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It offers easy DIY installation and blends in with your door or window.

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