Anker PowerHouse II 800 Powerful Charging Station

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Get reliable backup power in an emergency or during travel with the Anker PowerHouse II 800 powerful charging station. It has a massive cell capacity that packs an impressive 777 Wh. This lets you power your small appliances and charge devices quickly. Also, this survival gadget works with most essential devices thanks to its array of outlets. And, when it comes to charging this gadget, the Anker PowerHouse II 800 recharges in as few as 4.9 hours with the combined DC and USB-C inputs. Even better, the 120 W max input and MPPT technology work together for optimal recharging efficiency. Moreover, the DC and Anderson ports allow this powerful charging station to work with most solar panels. Additionally, the 3 flashlight modes and 3 ambient modes provide the light you need to see or relax at night. Finally, the AC outlets deliver consistent power to low-draw appliances like CPAP machines.

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Charge an abundance of devices like TVs, lamps, laptops, cameras, phones, and more.

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