Zendure X6 Versatile USB-C Power Bank

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Power up virtually anything, anywhere with Zendure X6 Versatile USB-C Power Bank. The powerful 20,000mAh capacity is complete with 45W input/output. In addition, the battery recharges in just 3 hours with a 45W power supply. The X6 charges many USB-C devices at full speed for efficient charging. Plus, it’s compatible with the MacBook Air, Galaxy S8/Note 8, iPhone X, and many more devices. For devices such as earphones, fitness bands, smartwatches, and other smaller devices, it offers low power compatibility. With a total of five USB ports, you can top up multiple devices simultaneously. The LED digital precision display is easy to read and shows you just how much power is left. Finally, the X6 has continuous flow UPS backup mode and full speed charge-through capability.

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This massive battery delivers all the power you need.

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