Flint Charge Snap-On Power Bank

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Sure, portable chargers are great. But the clutter that comes with carrying the right cords and keeping the charger wired to your device becomes a mess. That’s where the Flint Charge snap-on power bank shines. This gadget gives you the wireless freedom to live on the go. With a modular, snap-on design, it uses magnets to stay connected and in place. This snap-on power bank has hassle-free, sleek, and powerful features to make on-the-go wireless charging a breeze. Incorporating modularity into the design, the wireless PowerSnaps stay slim without compromising on capacity. In fact, the Flint Charge modular power bank consists of two 2,000 mAh 15W wireless charging PowerSnap units and a PowerCore with 10,000 mAh—for a total of 14,000 mAh. The PowerCore charges the PowerSnaps when they run low on juice and also provides conventional wired charging for devices without wireless-charging capabilities. Charge any device with this power bank!

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It’s a modular twist on your good old power bank.

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