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How do you clean a leather wallet? Or, more appropriately, is leather even the right material for wallets anymore? The Copper Clean Wallet comes with a highly polished exterior and a spacious interior that holds over 10 cards and 10 notes without expanding in thickness like a leather wallet does. In fact, it’s about as thick as an AirPods case, making it perfectly pocket-friendly. Furthermore, aside from self-disinfecting, it blocks RFID too, keeping you safe from digital theft. A simple metal clasp keeps the wallet compact and shut, allowing you to pop it open when you need to. Additionally, the inside of the wallet is equipped with a bellow-shaped pocket system that fans open when you pop open the wallet, letting you easily access your cards and cash. Finally, the wallet lasts longer than traditional flexible bifolds and never really needs any maintenance because it automatically cleans itself!

Discovered by Genevieve

Editor’s Quote

Made of copper, it kills bacteria and viruses.

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