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Be amazed by what the Qivation smart LED lightbulb can do. Sure, it’s an intelligent lightbulb that offers all the smart home connectivity you could want. But it also purifies the air 24/7 in your home for up to two years. That’s thanks to its TiO2 photocatalysis technology, which the Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan approved. This safe and durable gadget uses no binders, alcohol, or harmful materials. Using TiO2 technology, the Qivation can work on various surfaces of various shapes, so this lightbulb can actually purify the air. This smart LED lightbulb is super easy to install. Just like normal bulbs, you can turn it on and off. Or control it with the app by WiZ, which is lighting software from Signify. This device offers 16 million colors, with a pre-set well-being mode, and it doesn’t require a hub. It’s a holistic LED lightbulb for both lifestyle and health.

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It’s incredible that this smart bulb also purifiers your air.

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