LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet

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Stay safer on the road by wearing the LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet. Designed for cyclists who like to reach top speeds, it has a 270º V-shaped rear light that indicates your direction and braking. Furthermore, it has an integrated SOS system that works with your smartphone to call emergency services with your geolocation. Boasting a gorgeous look and a bunch of features, this next-gen bike helmet has a powerful, angled front light that faces the road when you sprint. Moreover, with your speed in mind, it draws its sculpted look from time trial aero helmets, optimizing aerodynamics. Additionally, simply use the dial to easily adjust the helmet size to your head shape. Weighing only 350 grams, this ultralight helmet is super comfortable to wear for hours. Finally, its 10-hour battery life ensures you can keep riding as long as you want.

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Offering superior visibility, it also keeps you safe with smart SOS alerts and 360° active protection.

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