IMOTANA Tailor-Made Soccer Shoes

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Wearing footwear isn’t just about style but practicality and comfort. Now you can enjoy these benefits with the IMOTANA tailor-made soccer shoes that use an app to scan your feet for the perfect-size soccer footwear. Working with a 3D configurator that creates a 100% perfect fit no matter your feet width, length, or volume, IMOTANA crafts footwear personalized to your feet. In fact, this is great if you have different-size feet. As a result, you’ll experience higher comfort, fewer injuries, and blister-less feet. You’ll even experience better performance during sports. Moreover, this service is something that big brands only offer to superstars. But you can get access to these shoes even if you’re an amateur soccer player. Finally, the footwear features an upper knit for an ultra lightweight 200-gram finish for maximum comfort.

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The 3D scanner creates footwear that perfectly fit your feet for maximum comfort.

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