MoEa Vegan Bio-Sneakers

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Revamp your shoe collection with the MoEa vegan bio-sneakers. This footwear collection not only exudes style and feels practical but sources its materials from fruits and plants for a sustainable, PETA-approved result. In fact, the shoes use bio-materials from recycled apples, pineapples, cacti, corns, and grapes. There’s even the option of 11 hues in total—with 2 shades from each fruit and an all-special pair. Moreover, these vegan bio-sneakers aren’t just sustainable; they’re comfortable and boast an impressive design. Each pair uses a combination of 32–72% leftover fruit skin and color pigments for wearable fibers. To stabilize the biomass waste, fruits and plants blend with organic cotton, bio-PU, or recycled plastic depending on each plant. In particular, the grape option comprises of 32% grape leftovers, 22% water-based PU, and 46% recycled polyester. The pineapple shoes consist of 72% leaves! Make a fashionable choice that’s also kind to the environment.

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This footwear collection is made from recycled fruit skins!

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