VylyV 2.0 Male Performance Boosting Underwear

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Keep your love muscle strong and healthy with VylyV 2.0 Male Performance Boosting Underwear. Featuring functional underwear and a customizable coaching app, VylyV 2.0 provides a modern yet natural way to enhance male performance. It offers guidance, personalized workout plans, and even games to help you boost your bedroom performance and keep your prostate and urinary systems in check. By embedding a patented micro air-cushion sensor system, VylyV 2.0 tracks your muscles in real time. Likewise, it even captures and monitors the slightest muscle contractions. To use VylyV 2.0, simply put on the underwear, sit down, and follow the instructions on the app. Furthermore, VylyV 2.0 adds a new thrilling function. Ninja training mode features a built-in vibrating module that reminds you to exercise by sending a discreet vibration that only you can feel.

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This wearable system can totally improve your performance.

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