COZE MAT Modular Desk Pad

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Sort your workspace properly with the COZE MAT modular desk pad. This useful desktop mat has specific zones for your devices, your hands, and your gadgets. This helps you organize things by function, hierarchy, and utility. Additionally, the MAT has a flexible layout. Its top symmetrical zones use swappable parts, making both sides equally convenient for any way you set up your space. One of the most convenient and unique features is its built-in omni-device stand. You probably aren’t comfortable typing on a flat surface with a flat keyboard. Just like you don’t enjoy reading with a downward head and sore neck. This modular desk pad has an omni-stand to lift your devices and make them easier to interact with. Finally, the mobile charging stand delivers power through QI wireless charging at 15 W, so you can easily charge and use your phone at the same time.

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With built-in palm rests and device stands, this mat replaces other desktop gadgets.

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