Intelli ScoutPro Tiny Power Bank

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Carry the Intelli ScoutPro tiny power bank to get all-in-one power wherever you go. Designed with an OLED display, this super small portable power bank delivers 240 watts, which is seriously impressive for its size. It uses next-gen graphene batteries to accomplish all it can do. This includes a 10-watt magnetic wireless charger, 5-watt smartwatch charger, 100-watt Type-C port, 60-watt Type-C port, and USB QC3.0 port. Furthermore, it offers MagSafe compatibility thanks to its built-in magnets. And it also offers 200-watt power delivery for your laptop, phone, tablet, and smartwatch. In fact, the ScoutPro tiny power bank can charge five devices at once—two wireless and three wired. When its battery gets to zero, simply recharge the ScoutPro up to 70% in only 30 minutes! Take it with you everywhere to power up pretty much anything.

Discovered by Genevieve

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It’s truly an all-in-one portable charger.

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