DockAll D5 Wireless Charger, Speaker, & Sound Hub

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Do more from one gadget when you use the DockAll D5 wireless charger, speaker, & sound hub. This four-in-one device is more than a docking station. Designed with two built-in USB ports, it charges multiple devices at one time. Moreover, it can wirelessly fast charge compatible devices, and its ambient, glowing LED light indicates when it’s charging. In fact, this gadget offers compatibility with future device generations, too, like the upcoming iPhone 13 and Samsung S21. Enjoy the dual premium built-in eight-watt speakers, which play your music and voice calls super well. The easy-to-connect Bluetooth speakers pair with your device quickly and simply. Moreover, made with industrial-strength, durable materials, the DockAll D5 will last. Plus, the near-field microphone offers noise cancellation, making it great for speakerphone chats as you get ready for the day. Clear up your desk, nightstand, or other space with a single gadget that does it all.

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Declutter your nightstand or desk with this four-in-one gadget.

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