Mobiado expands Stealth series of luxury phones with 105GMT



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Mobiado continues to plunge head first into the world of luxury handsets with the new 105GMT series. The company has released two new handsets, the 105GMT Stealth and the 105GMT Antique. Both units were inspired by military stealth aircraft, featuring aluminum and sapphire crafting. The Stealth unit features aircraft aluminum and anodized black and sapphire crystal buttons, which are hand painted in black. The Antique model is crafted in tue traditional Eurpoean style, featuring rose gold, diamond, sapphire crystal, and Cocobolo hardwood. Yeah, these things look damned cool.

The 105GMT Stealth and Antique also throw a watch into the mix. This watch features a unique dual mechanical movement mechanism, which allows for the user to set two international time zones. Each Swiss gold-plated mechanical watch movement contains 25 jeweled bearings, with a self-winding automatic mechanism. Kind of like having a really expensive, really cool, pocket watch in addition to a phone.

Pricing has yet to be determined although the company did note there would only be 117 combined units manufactured.

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