Gresso releases Formula 1 themed Grand Monaco LE luxury phone



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The world of racing and high-end phone technology collide with the new Grand Monaco LE. Russian company Gresso has patterened the phone after all things Formula 1. Formula 1, for the uninitiated, is like Nascar but with better music and slightly less product placement. The phones are adorned with genuine Italian leather and the case is made from titanium and a high-tech ceramic coating. The surface is scratchproof due to more titanium and a polished steel sheet. The phone features a hand-polished 42K sapphire crystal that acts as the frame for the display. The phone also includes a 2-megapixel camera, Wap/GPRS/Bluetooth/SMS/MMS/email/EDGE, and Java. It’s available now at showrooms for the reasonable, compared to other luxury phones, price of $1,800.

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