Christian Dior introduces second generation luxury phones, Zelie and Zenaide



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There once was a luxury brand named Christian Dior. This brand, never content to rest on it’s laurels, released a phone that made folks the world over coo and gasp with glee. However, the luxury brand soon grew bored. Another luxury phone was needed to sate the public. Actually scratch that. Make it two luxury phones. Well, Christian Dior has delivered.

Dior has readied it’s second generation of luxury phones, named Zelie and Zenaide. These phones are gold plated and encrusted with sapphire crystals. Don’t worry. It’s not just sapphire crystals. That’d be so gauche. Dior also throws some diamonds into the mix.

The only difference between the two is Zelie’s casing has a red hue and Zenaide’s is white. They are available now through special order only, ranging from $7,900 to $13,400.

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