Burberry expands Internet presence with Artofthetrench.com



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Companies that produce high-end  goods are not exactly known for their online presence. They usually prefer to rely on storefronts and word of mouth to keep the cash flowing. This is starting to slowly change. Case in point, a study by New York University’s Stern School of Business shows that just 33 percent of luxury brands were selling online a year ago, compared to 66 percent now. Burberry, best known for their iconic trenchcoat, is listening.

The company recently launched Artofthetrench.com, a social networking site. The site allows users to send in photos of themselves wearing their favorite Burberry products, and also allows them to share stories of where they were when they obtained their first Burberry coat. Christopher Bailey, creative director of Burberry says, “Everybody has a different story related to their coat or the first time they came into contact with one – I love the idea that people from all over the world can share those stories and images with each other and all the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it.”

The whole thing links to Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the Internet hotshots. The hope is that it expands the Burberry name to a whole new generation of big spenders. Good luck guys.

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