Ritmo Mundo puzzle watch is a coup for game lovers



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You love watches. You love games. What do you do? You can’t very well carry two things around can you? No, you can’t. With this in mind, enter Ritmo Mundo and their incredible inedible Ritmo Mundo puzzle watch.

This luxury timepiece features a unique sliding puzzle game, as you can see above. Don’t worry, though. This watch is also known for keeping good time. That’s important, after all.  The timepiece is made of Swiss Sellita SW 200 automatic technology. It’s also water proof for you Michael Phelps out there.

All of this gaming pleasure will set you back, however. Expect to pay about $20,000 for the top-of-the-line version of this watch and $3,500 for a low grade version. You feel, don’t you? Only spending $3,500 on your timepiece. Geeze, small timer.

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