DV One Cruise is the Versace-made timepiece of your dreams



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Donatella Versace has put her stamp on a great number of things. What’s the haps now? Watches, or shall we say, timepieces. Versace’s DV One is the top of the line timepiece you have always dreamed of, whether you knew it or not.

First of all, the whole thing is protected by, well, starch. It sounds weird but it works. These things are indestructible. The dial details are in red enamel and the strap is, as you can see, deep purple. The entire thing screams elegance. The theme of the watch was unsurprisingly culled by the winter/fall Versace collection.

The production will be limited to only 99 timepieces with a special “blue emerald” version only available via special order. No prices have been announced but guess what? It’ll be a lot.

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