Ulysse Nardin announces the Monaco 2011 Executive Dual Time limited edition watch



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Ulysse Nardin have been making high-class watches for a long, since the 1800s. The company has always dedicated itself to making the kind of timepieces that fans lust after. Their new unit, the Monaco 2011 Executive Dual Time watch, is no exception. Also it’s being manufactured in a limited edition run so you had better get on it.

The first thing you notice about this watch is its unique design. That particular blue tone isn’t one you see in watches often and it certainly is a sight for sore eyes. The 43 mm wide casing is done in industrial grade stainless steel which is also a sight for those same sore eyes. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal covers the case and the watch can tell two different times at once, thus the dual in the moniker. It uses an old-school winding functionality for power which is also pretty cool. That’s how they did it in the 1800s you know. Or not.

Only 100 of these are going to be made so you could be the first and only kid on your block sporting this piece of chrono-history. No price has been announced yet but one can assume it would cost a pretty penny.

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