Guer Man Trace time-piece features wood face and 18k gold screws



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Time. What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing! Ok, some things. Well, maybe, most things. It’s with that thought in mind that watch maker Guer Man designed it’s latest opus: Trace. This watch is a collaboration between an artist and an engineer. They used a giant log of wood as a box and case for the watch. That alone is fairly unique, but read on. The fusing of innovative and traditional continues: Guer Man integrated Swiss-made automatic ETA 2789 movement to the watch to give it extended reliability. The rotor is personalized with a “Guer Man” logo along with a beautiful ruby on the center above the engraving. Finally, the screws of the rotor and the bridges are 18k gold. Why watch time pass you by with no style or finesse?

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