Donald Trump puts beloved Boeing 727-100 Executive aircraft up for sale



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Times are tough for us all. Donald Trump is selling his flashy Boeing 727-100 Executive aircraft. The jet recently has recently shown up on, a site devoted to plane sales. This jet has some interesting quirks. It’s designed to be your standard 134 seat passenger plane, but Trump had it renovated so it only seats 24. That’s a lot of leg room. Also, for those Trump obsessives out there, there is a giant “Trump” painted on each side. Your friends will have to believe you.

The plane has been in the air since 1968, having first been operated by American Airlines. Being as it’s been around 40 years, it has a lot of mileage but Trump indicates it has seen the best of care. We are inclined to agree. After all, Trump takes wonderful care of his hairpieces. Ooh, snap!

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