Rare 1952 Ferarri 340 to go up for auction in California



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Yowza. This ultra-rare 1952 Ferarri 340 is about to go up for auction in California. It’s all set to go down later this year. You had better get your money saved now. I have a feeling this is going to go for quite a few pretty pennies.

This bad boy was originally built as a racer, partaking in several notable races in the 1950s. It cost just $14,000 back then. Estimates put the current worth as somewhere in the millions.

Here is what the Chairman of RM Auctions Rob Myers has to say about the vehicle:

“0226AT is arguably one of the premier collector cars ever built by Ferrari. Boasting a spectacular pedigree that includes such racing greats as Alberto Ascari, Carroll Shelby and Jack McAfee, it represents an important chapter in Ferrari’s early competition history, add to that its incredible rarity – one of just three built – and its matching-numbers originality, and you have a terrific car deserving of close inspection.”

Good luck everybody!

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