Domino’s plans first pizza franchise location on the moon. Really.



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They say there is no such thing as bad sex or bad pizza. I cry foul on the former but regarding the latter, it may be true. This goes especially if the pizza in question was served to you on the moon. It’s true. You’ll soon be able to get a slice of cheese bread on the biggest piece of cheese bread that has ever existed.

Ok here is the deal. You know how the commercial space industry is heating up? There’s Virgin Galactic, Bloon and a bunch of other companies vying to take the richest of us to space for a quick galactic jaunt. Due to this, a Russian company is planning a resort on the surface of the damned moon. This resort will, like any crappy turnpike hotel, have an attached fast food restaurant. The restaurant in question? Domino’s Pizza!

The project is going to be costing the big D in upwards of 15 billion dollars. A third of that money is being allocated to transporting the materials and food to the moon’s surface for construction purposes. Getting stuff to the moon is expensive.

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