TAG Heuer Link smartphone is an animal lover’s nightmare



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TAG Heuer makes some great watches. They also make smartphones. Some of these smartphones are even adorned with animal leather. Such is the case with the company’s new Link line of smartphones. They come packed in your choice of lizard leather, alligator leather or calfskin(That’s cow leather, for the layman.)

They aren’t just about killing animals, though. These phones pack quite a wallop in the features department. First of all, they are nearly waterproof, thanks to all of that disgusting leather. Everything about this phone screams durability. Go ahead. Try dropping one from a third story building. We dare you. Odds are it will be just fine.

This phone is also equipped with a 16 million color touchscreen, 256 MB of RAM, and an 8 GB memory card. Not bad at all. Android 2.2 is the OS of choice, which makes sense. It certainly isn’t going to be Windows 7.

All of that leather is going to set you back. The Link costs around $6750, depending on what customization options you go for.

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