BUBEN&ZORWEG creates “X-007” hi-tech safe, James Bond of safes



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Swiss luxury watchmaker BUBEN&ZORWEG has ventured into the world of  safes with their “X-007.” This ultimate safe boasts precision engineering and high-end craftsmanship similar to that of the watchmaker’s timepieces. Notice how the unit looks more like a work of art than just a safe space for them. What else that  sets it apart from other safes is that it opens upwards, making it the ideal presentation platform for your valuables. The X-007 features a luxurious interior clad in hand-sewn Italian leather high gloss laquered macassar inlay and hand-polished stainless steel applications to offer your goodies the utmost care and protection. It features  the unbeatable and convenient Paxos system for security. This locking system is the measure of all things on the market and a redundant system for the best possible security.

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