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The Gold iPhone is on its way, yea that’s right we said, “Gold iPhone.”

Goldstriker International just announced that they’ll be releasing a Gold iPhone in a few days. Goldstriker International is known for creating expensive gold and silver iced out casings for a variety of products. They are a pretty cool company and I recommend you check out their site.

Pricing has just been announced and their going to be selling two different models:

24ct full gold Apple iphone 8g – £699.95
Struck .999 hardened 24ct gold.
Gold Parts: Front full surround and 3/4 of the rear revealing a total mirror finish.

24ct part gold Apple iphone 8gb £499.95
Struck in .999 hardened 24ct gold.
Gold Parts: Front surround bezel and rear Apple logo.

While a phone dipped in gold may not be for everybody, the iPhone looks pretty slick in gold and I suspect a lot of celebrities and people with disposable incomes or an affection with gold would like the option of having a gold iPhone.

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