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Ambient Devices is showing off its new 7 Day Weather Forecaster.

This sleek device sports a 6×6 inch color changing display. The Forecaster shows the current weather conditions and receives wireless updates throughout the day by from the Ambient Infocast Network. Ambient Devices claims the network reaches about 90% of US households, and will transmit current conditions and an extended mulit-day forecast for 150 locations in the US. The Forcaster also displays information about the UV Index, wind speed and direction, as well as pollen and air quality alerts.

The coolest feature of the Abmient Devices 7 Day Forecaster is that the display will change colors to indicate the current temperature at a glance (i.e. red for warm, blue for cold).

The 7-Day Wireless Forecaster will be availiable this winter and cost $199.99 USD. There are no subscription costs for the update service.

For more information on Ambient Devices and their 7 Day Forecaster check out their website.

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