Vertu releases Constellation Ayxta, GPS-enabled luxury phone



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British luxury phone manufacturer Vertu has been on quite the roll this year. Well, they have one last ace up their sleeve for 2009: The Constellation Ayxta. This high-end phone has one obvious selling point, the inclusion of a full featured GPS system. This system has several Vertu-centric functions. The first is called “City brief” and, upon entering a new city, automatically directs the user to the best shopping and dining that city has to offer. There is also a function called “hot key” which basically acts as a 24-hour concierge service no matter where you are. Pretty astounding. The aesthetics are pleasing as well. The phone features stainless steel, ceramic and leather crafting. It’s currently selling for around $7,200. Hmm, I wonder where the best shopping is to be had in Zurich? Or Abu Dhabi?

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