Hoverwing Hovercraft by Rudy Heeman flys 4.5 Feet above Water

Rudy Heeman Hovercraft

New Zealand mechanic Rudy Heeman has just developed a two passenger hovercraft that has the ability to lift off, leaving other water based craft in its wake. The hovercaft is has been developed over the last eleven years. Its’ optimum height is about 4ft 6in above the water. The hoverwing sets off like a normal-hovercraft but when it reaches top speed of 60mph, its wings can be extended and it takes flight. Rudy Heeman believes there may be a commercial market for his creation-the hoverwing. He believes that his invention is an extremely efficient method of transport, travelling at about 6ft over the water and reaching speeds of over 60mph across the surface.

Rudy Heeman Hovercraft

Heeman Officially calls this invention a ‘wing in ground effect vehicle’ – a hovercraft which is able to fly due to a set of unusual aerodynamics. Heeman’s first test flight actually ended in a crash landing. He was lucky and escaped with only a bruised leg. After the accident Heeman made adjustments to the Hovercraft and now believes the hoverwing is ready. , but Mr Heeman has yet to decide who to choose.

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  1. Larry

    Not a new invention. Look up “ekranoplan”. The Russians pioneered it decades ago and the fact that it is built on a hovercraft is not astonishing as airplanes, blimps, trucks and other equipment have also used pressure skirt lift to interact with the surface.

  2. Edvaldo da Silva Santos

    Hovercraft with wings only American thing can be?
    Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Street 88 N°55 – close to the club
    very legal where I live has two for rescue if I marry an airplane to fall in the it longs for or in the sea.

  3. seth sulzle in america

    I wanted to know how to invest into this mans envisionment? so that I might see him prosper more; because this is one thing I want to do that looks subjectably open to growth. where I would like to help how i can? if anyone can help me out on this and I will look into it to make sure its viable so if I can get a reply on this comment field and my e-mail then it will help me out because if this is part of our furture I want to help but i dont take sides unless I think deemable.

    I am eighteen with fresh credit not looking to take part in someone else’s glory just trying to help while knowing it is being appriciated and accounted for like the rest so I may help the continuence of healthy growth. For our planet that I think we have been giving. I think its worth it and im willing to help but not be used because this is the internet and a world full of evil???

    please contact me
    I will give further contact info when I get some answers cause I am a beginner and want to start by helping those who have earned it. Hopefully i may get better mind set on how i need to grow up more and advance in life with the knowledge that there is no winning without losing but if i can help those to grow and gain then my part will be worth it because i will get the satisfaction of helping those who have tried. when I get the answers I know are here that I havent heard even though I have been trying to listen I just dont have the same mind set as others and the best way for me to communicate intrests are if I know what i’m talking about because if someone trys to push it and cant understand then i can’t learn.

  4. Jerry Coffman

    The guys at Universal Hovercraft have been building ans selling “HoverWing” kits for years now. However, their machines are much bigger, 7’8″ wide and 18′ longmpowered by a Subaru EA81 engine. My opinion, theirs seems to fly in a constant state of stall. Very nose up attitude. I’ve considered building a hover WIG out of one of my machines. but didn’t like flying nose high. I like the way this one flies. Fairly level. Good Job. Got the ol gears in my head spinning in the red line after seeing this one fly. Awesome job man.


  5. Jerry Coffman

    Before you call something fake, how about doing a little research on youtube where you’ll see this one and several others actually flying. I assure you they are real and the earth is round, not flat. 😉

  6. Mick Perkins

    Apparently they are being built and sold via bidding one at a time. So it is for now a custom craft. The last bid was for $27,000.00 u.s.d.. I agree it is a super application and the U.S. Navy should take immediate interest if no one else. I see someone from Italy says his town uses hovercraft as rescue craft. The city next to my own has a few for fast water rescue. I would be more interested in the uses this could be put to as a ferry of people or materials, a high speed water taxi for sheltered waters, swampy areas and some bays. There is a possible problem in congested areas finding take off and landing taxiways from water to street level.

  7. Ryan Springer

    This is real, this guy is a liar, and in response to the nose up flight of the Universal Hovercraft, that is only done to slow the machine down for landing, or to fly at slower speeds. The 18SPW and the 19XRW Hoverwing Hovercraft by Universal Hovercraft fly level when operating at normal speeds. I can’t believe the media would promote this guy as the inventor of something that he clearly learned from the Pioneer of the Flying Hovercraft Bob Windt of Universal Hovercraft. Kind of ironic how he claims he started developing his “Hoverwing” a few years after hovercraft.com offered a set of plans on how to build your own, and they have been offering the kits for this for longer than this guy has been “developing” his. Give credit where credit is due please.

  8. BUD

    I hope it was just bad reporting and not Mr. Rudy taking credit for something he did not ‘invent’. How ever His work is streets ahead of the universal hovercraft model . I’m sorry But every U H design looks like a tug boat from 1930.

  9. Pete Pierson

    I would like some contact info. I am a pilot and think this is a neat toy. I will be willing to com to NZ and try one out if I can just get a hold of Rudy or someone. Thanks

  10. Tom McEwan

    Folks, I noticed your article about Rudy Heeman and his hoverwing. I have one as well and would like to email him. Could you give me his email. Much appreciated. Regards, Tom.

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