Junior sized replica of 1956 Corvette C1 perfect gift for young autophiles



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Have a kid? Want that kid to develop a lifelong love of classic automobiles? Don’t get them a Big Wheel! Go for this junior sized replica of the classic 1956 Corvette C1. This junior classic Corvette can reach a maximum speed of 35 mph and is finished with attention to every detail to match the adult-sized model. This includes a single driver-side mirror, twin turn indicators on the right side of the hood and the cowling on the trunk that housed a light which illuminates the racing number. The baby race car is powered by a 6.9 hp, 107cc four-stroke engine, and has automatic transmission. A square steel chassis forms the core of the racer, surrounded by a fiberglass-reinforced polyester body to support up to 330 lbs. Although, you really shouldn’t let your overweight Uncle ride the thing. It’s for kids! It will set you back $32,000 but looks to be worth every penny.

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