Introducing the Penthouse on Wheels – Sells for $700,000 at Lloyd’s auction



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Meet the Penthouse on Wheels

If you want the full-featured lifestyle a penthouse provides, but you are on the go a lot, this might be your knight in shining armor. The “Penthouse on Wheels” is just what it sounds like: A roaming mega-complex that sates all of your desires. This Gold Coast motorhome has it all: timber floors, granite benchtops and mahogany finishes that are as unblemished as any apartment you’ve ever lived in. Matching that same apartment, it has a kitchen sink, gas cooking, a fridge, freezer, a pantry, a television with access to pay TV, a DVD player and VCR and leather passenger seats. It also features a fold-out lounge and dining room that extends out from the side of the vehicle with the flick of a switch. The bedroom in the back has its own TV and cupboard space along with a hidden washer and dryer. What’s all this gonna cost you? Just $700,000 at Lloyd’s Auction in Carrara. Not bad for a car and home in one.

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