Devonport Yachts employs Emocean Yacht Design to create superyacht



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Devonport Yachts has asked Emocean Yacht Design to create a new yacht concept design that displays strength, safety, comfort, performance, style and grace. They came up with a 165 m motor yacht named Project 1011, which features a 360-degree observation deck and 17 VIP rooms along with a separate deck dedicated to the owner. The yacht also allows for several interesting water recreation activities, which includes access to a mini sub, a diving chamber and an underwater observation room. The yacht also includes a vehicle drive-in garage, two 20m day boats, a helipad and hanger. Project 1011 will be featured at the Abu Dhabi yacht show in February of next year. No word on how much it will cost when it finally rolls off of the production line.

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