Classic Recreations given go ahead to remake Shelby GT 500CR



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Classic Recreations have been skillyfully crafting and modifying custom high-performance vehicles for over a decade. Their hard work just paid off, as they’ve been given the go ahead to recreate the classic Shelby GT 500CR. Carroll Shelby helped create some of the Holy Grail vehicles of the classic American automotive era. None is more highly regarded than the GT 500CR. The vehicle will be offered in three varieties – The “Intro,” the “Performance” and the “Venom” models. The preliminary technical details and package specifications for the G.T.500CR, a 1967 Shelby continuation vehicle, will feature a hand-built 427 cubic inch (7.0L) engine, model specific bodywork, a custom paint job, hand-stitched upholstery and every car will have an official Shelby serial number and badges along with the official Shelby Worldwide Registry. Owning a Mustang certainly doesn’t get any better than this.

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