Nokia N95 Diamond Encrusted Limited Edition

 Nokia N95 Limited Edition

Nothing says luxury like a diamond encrusted phone.  Nokia and Alexander Amous have come out with a super lux version of the much-loved Nokia N95.  Like other luxury Nokia phones like the Vertu Cobra that we wrote about before, embellished phones are making a statement.  This particular N95 is an 8gb model and limited to 10 units worldwide.  Each phone features 18k gold and 325 diamonds totaling a Carat weight of 3.30 of grade VS color E – F.  Each of the ten made will have slight variations on diamond color and can come in either traditional gold or white gold.  Additionally your initials can be included in the design if so desired.  Now all this glamor comes with a hefty price tag, $24,482 usd.

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  1. Michelle

    Here are my impressions about this antique, exclusive phone. As given in many reviews it is a is a combination of 18k solid gold and 3.30 carats of high-quality diamonds.
    After reading this it feels expensive, however something that disappoint me personally is that its limited edition (only 10) ,so till the time I manage to have one, it wont be available, how unfortunate am I. Any how for those who can afford, it is a sign for its prosperity.

  2. Johnnelson005

    i well like the impact nokia has created in the life of telecommunication. i have used so many nokia phones but they keep mpressing me. i love this model and i will like to buy it but i want someone special to put me through on how i can get it to my door step

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