Skypak Swarovski airplane trolley will organize your household life

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We all know Swarovsky is attempting to cover every inch of this planet we call Earth. The assimilation continues with this beautiful and useful sky trolley by Skypak. Just look at this thing. You know you want it.

The company has produced some fancy airplane trolleys in the past, with a gold-plated unit standing atop the pack. This new item, as stated, contains tons and tons of Swarovsky crystals. 82,000 of them to be exact. You heard that right. 82,000 Swarovsky crystals.  The trolley is designed by Baz Pringle, a London based designer, who now works as a Senior Art Director in Orange County.

It’s not only a trolley that features several cabinets for whatever you want to place inside of them. Skypak’s new baby also includes a built-in mini-refrigerator. Keep the hot side hot and the cool side side. Just like a McDLT. How much will all of those crystals set you back? About $41,000. Not bad, right?

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