Crystal Rock Studio Headphones get the solid gold treatment



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You know what’s even better than a wonderfully made pair of studio headphones? A wonderfully made pair of studio headphones that have been dipped in gold. Crystal Rock realizes our collective lust for precious, precious gold and did just that.

These ‘phones are equipped with Beats Studio high definition powered isolation and is equipped with the monster cable, which is 1.3 meters long and can be easily fit in any phone like iPhone, Blackberry and those elusive those Android phones. The whole thing comes packed in walnut box as well. Oh, and did we mention they are dipped in gold? 24 carat gold to be exact.

All of that splendorous, golden sound will set you back around $2,500. The upside? Only a very few of these will be made so you could be on the cutting edge of precious metal music.

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