AGA Total Control cooker brings old school food preparing into the 21st century

aga total control

aga total control

Classic Aga stored-heat stoves were invented in the 1920s and quickly were replaced by everything new under the sun: Microwaves, convection ovens, crock pots, you name it. Well, they are back to once again claim their kitchen throne.

The  new AGA Total Control shares cast iron looks with its spiritual brethren, but that is about where the similarities end. It includes a touchscreen panel, for one. Each hot plate can also act independently of one another. Also, this new AGA heats up in about eight minutes. Old school units took hours to heat through. Who has the time for that?

All of this retro-futurism doesn’t come cheap, however. The AGA Total Control oven will set you back around $15,000.

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