Ben Heck announces hand-made Xbox 360 Slim portable systems



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Who wants to stay at home to play Halo: Reach?

Famous console modder Benjamin J. Hekendorn (better known as Ben Heck) has already given the world some portable consoles. Now he turns his attention to the Xbox 360 Slim.
Heck’s portable laptop-style Xbox 360 comes complete with an internal hard drive and a 17-inch HD display. It’s about 1.5” narrower left and right and 1″ narrower front to back than the earlier models by Ben Heck. The mod runs very quietly, thanks to the Xbox 360 Slim’s new cooling fan. The touch sensitive power and eject buttons are still kept intact. His whole process has been explained over the first 6 episodes of The Ben Heck Show.
The best/worst part? The price! These units will cost you between $3,000 and $6,000 depending on your needs.
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