Bonetti/Kozerski’s LL2 lounger has built-in sound system



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You love lounging, right? Of course you do! To that end, design duo Bonetti/Kozerski has pulled the curtains from its innovative LL2 lounger unit.

This classy leather chaise lounge is perfect for, well, lounging around. But thats not all its good for. The LL2 features a built-in sound system for when you want a soundtrack to accompany that lounge session. It is blue-tooth enabled so you can stream music from your laptop, iPad, TV or wherever.

The aesthetics are no slouch, either. The designers drew inspiration from the legendary 1966 Lamborghini Miura, and it shows. Look at how pretty that is. The pricing has not been announced yet but you can head on over to their website and drop a pre-order in.

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