Steinway S-Series Speakers: A new dimension of sound



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Steinway may be best known for their magnificent pianos and other instruments, that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t make a mean speaker set. Their new S-Series speakers are quite astounding, offering up a new dimension of sound.

Wait, what’s that? A new dimension? Surely the sound doesn’t travel from an parallel universe right? Ok, you got me there. They are compact and quite nice, though. The two varieties in the S-series include the S-15 & S-210. The S-15 is a two-way speaker with a frequency response between 120 Hz – 22 kHz and peak power capacity of 600 W of sound along with a single channel amplifier needed for optimum effects. Due to its compact size of 10.2 inches in length, 7.8 inches in width and a depth of 3.1 inches, it can be placed perfectly well on a bookshelf, fixed on the wall or even made to stand on the floor with appropriate support. On the other hand, the S-210 is a one-way boundary woofer with a frequency response of 25-500 Hz and has the peak power capacity of 800 W of sound.

The pricing ranges between around $22,000 and $45,000 depending on what version you want and what knickknacks you want applied to the final purchase. Just imagine these bad boys sitting atop your bookshelf, filling your entire home with sweet, wondrous music. Ah, the plentiful bounties of hearth and home.

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