Genesis introduces the 2.2 Junior loudspeakers – $49,000 a pair



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Genesis has introduced a massively cool set of junior loudspeakers. The company’s 2.2 Junior loudspeakers are perfect for sound-savvy consumers. The source floor-standing tower loudspeaker system was announced at CES last January and has now officially been released.

The Genesis 2jr speaker features a 48-inch ribbon mid-range driver, 12.1-inch tweeters positioned on a 1.5-inch-thick cast-acrylic baffle and another three 1-inch tweeters on the back to complete the dipole design. It also has 2 12 inch woofers per channel and 3 1 inch woofers on the back. That’s a whole lot of woof.

The speakers are available in high gloss acrylic black, which are quite fetching. The downside? They cost $49,000 a pair. Better start saving!

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